Tuesday, January 13, 2009

NETPHISHING: How to create a fake loginpage to hack MSN/Yahoo accounts

It's always this way. WHen you know more, shit will go easier for you. When you're more creative, you may find easier solutions and ways to do whatever you want. In this hacking guide there are two ways to crack an MSN password. The first one uses a Program and could take hours to days of having a Program runned and busy. Here we will make a phishing website that your victim will visit. I will go through this fast:

netphishing is when someone set up a website to pretend it's a real website and has its own offers. This whole website is false but can look very serious, as it was a part of Microsoft or Google for example. Everything you write down in tht website will be sent to the hacker done that website, only to get your information. Here i have made an example website, which is not activated and not working properly because some ppl may think it's funny spamming my email box after knowing the hook. Find it here and take a look:
This website is written in swedish but it looks like it's a website and a part of the Microsoft MSN network. This is telling people that THEY can crack someones MSN account. But after entering their information and some unneccisary shit about THEIR victim and submit everything YOU will recieve a mail with his password and login name. Ge will be redirected to an error website or www.msn.com and think something got wrong. So now you have his password and he doesn't have a clue about what's really going on. On my example website i just show you how real it can look. Extract the two files, have them in the same folder and open the index.html file to see the website.

If you want to create a phishing website like mine or make your own then just mail me and i help you through. It's alot work you need to do, so prepare yourself and be creative and come up with something before mailing me

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