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NetAdvantage for ASP.NET/Silverlight/WPF/WPF Data Visualization/Windows Forms 2010 Vol 3

NetAdvantage for ASP.NET/Silverlight/WPF/WPF Data Visualization/Windows Forms 2010 Vol 3 | 225.5 MB

The package Infragistics NetAdvantage representation of all major interface elements including grids for placing objects, means of scheduling tools for charting, toolbars, menus, tree lists, tabs, navigation and much more. The new version of the product entered a means of organizing print from Windows Forms (including the preview feature and display thumbnails of pages), an enhanced version of the library WinGrid which sold more than a dozen new features (including the ability to merge cells), new elements of Windows Forms (such as a group unit and the taskbar), new elements of ASP.NET, and more. In its users will be additional types of diagrams, as well as tools add comments. Finally, users will be able to use visual effects and textures when working with components and Win WebChart.

Get the Most Powerful UI ASP.NET AJAX Controls
The newest version of our NetAdvantage ® for ASP.NET control set gives all controls the Microsoft ® Office ® 2010 style, ExcelML and XPS / PDF export; plus enhanced performance with the optimized client state, minified (and compressed) CSS, and more new features (read about what's new). You also have access to the latest Community Technology Preview of jQuery Templating and MVC support for a selection of ASP.NET AJAX controls. We give you all of the most flexible, advanced ASP.NET AJAX controls you need to rapidly build and style high-fidelity, full-featured ASP.NET AJAX line of business applications.

Our complete toolset includes two ASP.NET AJAX grids-including the WebHierarchicalDataGrid ™-charts, calendars, menus, trees, tabs, rich WYSIWYG HTML editing, integrated and standalone spell checking, CAPTCHA, explorer bars, scheduling, data entry editors and more to create Web applications with all the richness users are accustomed to on desktop applications.

Each control includes high performance and extraordinarily sophisticated functionality such as drop down menus, drag-and-drop capabilities, CSS support and one setting global styling for all the ASP.NET controls. With all this, it's easy to create killer applications with extreme functionality, complete usability and the "Wow-factor!"

Silverlight Controls - High Performance UI Controls
Now built on our Unified XAML Product Strategy that shares a common API across Silverlight and WPF April 4, high performance NetAdvantage ® for Silverlight Line of Business UI controls deliver what you need to quickly and easily create great user experiences consistent with the latest Microsoft ® Office ® 2010 style. Our new Office 2010 scenic ribbon lets you improve your application's ease-of-use with Application Menu 2010 (also known as Backstage), the latest innovation from Microsoft to give users easy access to the task-centered functions of your application. You can even handle your largest hierarchical data sources with high performance and complete flexibility using our latest xamDataTree ™. Our xamSchedule ™ suite of full-featured, Outlook ® 2010-style scheduling controls provides a powerful resource scheduling solution for any RIA. Add in the fastest Silverlight data grid control available on the market today (see the whitepaper for a peek at this advanced technology), and you have a robust toolbox for creating the killer Silverlight apps of tomorrow-today!

Our Silverlight controls leverage the best styling capabilities, including Visual Studio ® 2010 and Expression ® Blend support, Rich Internet Application (RIA) services, and next generation UI that empowers you to create Killer Apps.

WPF Controls for Line of Business Application User Interfaces with Office 2010 Style
The release of Microsoft ® Office ® 2010 elevates user expectations of your WPF line of business applications, but we deliver what you need with Office ® 2010 styling and scheduling, ExcelML file support, and more! State-of-the-art functionality and blazing fast, high performance in our xamDataGrid ™ empower your WPF applications to handle real-time scenarios and those with massive amounts of data. Your applications will start well ahead of the competition with NetAdvantage ® for WPF Line of Business controls.

Built on our Unified XAML Product Strategy (a shared API across WPF and Silverlight that will help you go-to-market with lightning speed), we've recently introduced xamDataTree ™ for data binding to large hierarchical data sources and a full-featured, Outlook ® 2010-style scheduling control suite in xamSchedule ™. Whether you need to data bind millions of records with the rendering speed to show the first screen in milliseconds, or the stunning visual effects and support for WPF in April and its Visual State Manager, our WPF controls take care of presenting your information with power, clarity , and motion.

We empower you to take advantage of both the WPF and Silverlight platform's potential-both in XAML and in code.

WPF Controls for High-End Business Intelligence and Data Visualization
NetAdvantage ® for WPF Data Visualization is a comprehensive collection of User Interface controls for creating next generation experiences that inform, inspire and empower with the look and feel of Microsoft ® Office ® 2010. Communicate information clearly and effectively with Infragistics' fully-featured UI controls for producing insightful data visualizations such as: high-end OLAP pivot grids; high speed charting with analytics, dashboard gauges, geospatial or geographical interactive UIs, barcodes, treemaps and more (even organization charts and drag-and-drop in CTP).

Our Unified XAML Product Strategy gives you shared APIs across WPF and Silverlight April 4, enabling you to go-to-market faster. When you need to migrate your WPF data visualizations to Silverlight, you can easily move your code over to the new platform and have all of the same rich functionality your application's users expect.

Download our high performance WPF Data Visualization controls featuring the OLAP pivot grid for WPF to begin building your own high-end business intelligence solutions with Microsoft Office 2010 style. State-of-the-art engineering for high performance with large volumes of data (for example, our data chart can handle millions of data points) help you create cutting-edge data visualizations with blazing speed. NetAdvantage for WPF Data Visualization stands at the vanguard of the XAML control convergence. You will be thrilled and your users will be impressed by the new possibilities you can deliver.

OS: Windows All
Language: English

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