Thursday, November 18, 2010

Torrent Ratio Keeper Monster 3.9

Torrent Ratio Keeper Monster 3.9 | 5MB

Torrent Ratio Keeper Monster Version allows you to configure the Upload increase up to 1000% and the Download decrease traffic values. You can also use the Expert Settings (Seeder Mode, Emulate Upload Problems). It has 2 skins: the Classic (Windows standard) and BlueSky.

When will the values update?
You'll see the values in the table update, within 1-2 hours. This depends on the tracker update time (you can find it in your torrent client).
The first value is the real uploaded traffic, and the second next is what the program sent to the tracker.

To help you understand how much traffic was saved, we've added Saved Traffic column. You can see the sum of the difference between Increased and Real Uploaded traffic values, and between Real Downloaded and Decreased.

Expert Settings

— Seeder Mode.

The tracker will see your Torrent Client as a seeder. Your Torrent Client will not send any reports about downloaded files.
Note: A few torrent trackers don't give seeds for the seeders. if Seeder Mode is on you will have low download speed or no downloading at all on these trackers.

— Emulate Upload Problems.

The tracker will not get any upload reports from your Torrent Client. You can use it with the Seeder mode to emulate network problems (Tracker will not count your upload/download at all).

— Disable the Smart Traffic Multiplier.

Torrent Ratio Keeper will use your selected Upload increase and Download decrease values without randomization. The program uses random values to increase upload or decrease download by default. This hides Torrent Ratio Keeper from the tracker. If you understand how the tracker works, you can turn this feature on, and the program will change traffic without randomization.

Graphical statistics
While your Torrent Client is downloading or seeding files, the program will receive statistics of the uploaded and downloaded traffic. You can see them on the "Statistics" Tab. The first stats will be available the next day after you've started the program, and are downloading files. Then, the graphics will update every 5-20 minutes, depending on the trackers' settings. You can see statistics for all the trackers or for an individual tracker by choosing one from the dropdown list.

Four charts are available: Total Downloaded Traffic, Total Uploaded Traffic, Daily Downloaded Traffic, Daily Uploaded Traffic.

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