Wednesday, May 19, 2010

IndigoRose AutoPlay Media Studio v8.0.1.1

IndigoRose AutoPlay Media Studio v8.0.1.1 | 58 MB

Create professional autorun CD/DVD’s and thousands of other multimedia software applications. Perfect for database programming, business application development, software prototyping, training applications, network utilities, proof of concept, software test automation and agile software development projects.

The applications you create using AutoPlay Media Studio 8 are designed to work on the Microsoft Windows operating system. This includes Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Auto Play Media Studio 8 is designed to make developing professional applications as easy as possible, even with no previous programming experience. Drag and drop your content onto a page and then double-click to edit. It’s incredibly simple to do. Additionally, the newly revamped Project Explorer organizes everything for you (pages, dialogs, objects and events), giving you an overview of your entire project in one place.

There are nearly two dozen interactive object types to choose from such as buttons, videos, web/HTML, Flash, QuickTime, PDF, checkboxes, radio buttons, edit fields, rich text, slideshows, data grids, menu bars and tree controls. Plus, add additional functionality with Object plugins created by Indigo Rose Software and other 3rd party developers.

Includes more than 865 high level actions with everything from XML parsing and database queries to web server script interaction, file transfers and much more. Plus, easily expand the language with drop-in Action plugins and Lua modules. The professional script editor features color syntax highlighting, code completion, function highlighting, as-you-type action prototypes, Ctrl+Space function listings, and even context-sensitive help.

You don’t have to be a wizard to create powerful software applications – we’ve built the wizard right into the software! Choose the action you want to use, fill in the requested information fields and the wizard writes the script for you.

Choose from a variety of ready-to-use projects and then modify them to fit your needs. We include examples of software installer menus, electronic business cards, marketing brochures and many others.

AutoPlay Media Studio excels at combining diverse media types into a single application. There are objects like QuickTime, Flash, Slideshow and Video among them. Even the audio handling features alone can save you weeks of work. For example, creating voiceovers on top of background music tracks are a snap. In fact, you can play up to eight channels of audio simultaneously with automatic selection of either hardware or software mixing.

Distributing your finished project is a snap. Whether you’d like to create a single-file executable for distribution by web download or email, or burn it directly to CD-R/CD-RW, DVD±R/DVD±RW or Blu-Ray media, it just takes a few clicks. Simply insert a blank disc and the wizard will burn your project for you.

AutoPlay Media Studio developers are a friendly bunch of people. Join our online community forums where you’ll be able to share ideas, learn tips and tricks, and discover hundreds of new uses for this empowering tool.

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