Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How to activate/deactivate functions in Windows

Here we will learn how to reactivate/deactivate some services on the computer we are logged in to.
But as i said before, this is a translated guide and don't have the free time to write all hacks here again. I will write the titles and you can by anytime mail me and i get back to you with instructions. This goes for all hacks in this guide that you feel are missing some important information.

How to hide/show drives from My Computer
How to deny/allow access to any file/service
How to block/unblock hotkeys
How to Activate/deactivate the SHUTDOWN command that uses Command Prompt to work
How to block/unblock users from rightclicking on desktop
How to hide/show all objects on the desktop
How to remove/show the tools menu that can be found in Windows Explorer

SO there you go, mail me if intrested. You can also use these hacks to ACTIVATE any blocked service by going backwards ;) Guess that's mostly why i wrote them

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