Monday, July 27, 2009

Download Difitec WavePurity Professional v6.40

Difitec WavePurity Professional v6.40 for old vinyl records and music tapes.
Restore your music from old vinyl records and music tapes.
Remove crackling and noise from old audio recordings.Correct muffled or shrill-sounding audio recordings.Preserve your favorite songs and store them in digital CD quality..
Wavepurity Version 6.40 - new functions
New: Professional Correction of Vinyl Equalizations for different disc types. WavePurity Professional contains a new Preprocessing Module in the Editor Wizard. In combination with the RIAA Plugin this module will help you to preprocess frequency equalizations and speed corrections before audio restoration starts.

New: Functional Extension of the RIAA Plugin. Now this module can correct the most recent equalizations of typical discs. The number of supported equalizations can be extended by Excel CSV Tables. The RIAA plugin will help you preprocessing your vinyl recording sessions in the Editor Wizard.

New: Filter for hiss and sibilant reduction (DeHiss / DeEsser). This new filter can reduce broadband noise of sibilants. As result the music sounds more soften.

New: Display Module FFT Spectrum 3d Plot allows you to get a 3-dimensional view of frequencies over a time slot displayed in a matrix.

New: Speed and Vinyl Equalization correction is available in the Trackprocessor as Preprocessing Step.
Improved support of VST-Plugins. Now the parameters of connected VST-Plugins are saved.

Improved Trackprocessor. Now usage of filters can be easy switched on/off.

Improved Audiomixer Module.

Improved Main Window. Now a multiple file selection is possible while loading file(s).

Improved Memory Managment for temporary buffers. This solves problems of the previous version.

Download Difitec WavePurity Professional v6.40

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