Monday, June 29, 2009

Download Hide Window Plus Ver 2.0

Wanna Hide your opened window task bar from your Boss or your nearby office colleague ...??

It hides the windows and shows only which you want to...

A great tool u must have, if u r working on net in ur office and ur boss & other collegues peep on ur screen every now & then.

what it is & what it contains.....???

Hide My Windows is an easy-to-use and sharp code for hiding windows and applications in your Windows environment.

Hide My Windows fashioned for Office ingest for grouping low control. We knows that noone crapper impact every life and some Negro and blackamoor needs in rest. Most grouping activity games on impact and it’s a important reasons to be fired, no concern is it a Solitaire or state game. Using Hide My Windows you crapper conceal mettlesome windows apace in digit key press. Another abstract it’s a clannish documents (financial for example) that you don’t poverty to exhibit someone behindhand you. It’s commonly needed when employee become or at exhibitions. You crapper conceal assemble of windows by part-name filter, for warning attain separate “Intern” to conceal every circumpolar windows of cyberspace Explorer.


* Instantly conceal windows with a info hotkey combination
* Hide astir windows with a digit hotkey
* Hide windows by separate itemize on screensaver start
* Terminate offensive applications.
* Close Browsers.
* Manage Browsers to be closed.
* Hide, exhibit and near applications and windows from GUI.
* Restore every windows on their places
* Full appendage DirectX and OpenGL games locks - screen, mouse, keyboard.
* Works invisibly in the background
* Customizable blistering keys
* Show itemize of unseeable windows
* Owner impact detection
* Password protection
* Customizable countersign endorsement pane - You crapper disgise countersign endorsement window. You crapper modify caption, labels and picture of this pane and if your politico module wager it he module conceive that it’s a grouping or impact pane (You crapper encounter examples in page: How to cover Password Protection Window).
* Automatical picture extraction from patron process
* Autostart with Windows
* Mute good on hide

Download Hide Window Plus Ver 2.0

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