Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Validate any microsoft office

look it's this easy install this with no serial number at all then you go too hum C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE12\Office Setup Controller\Proof.en and edit the files Proof.xml now go to the end where the "SetupXmlFiles" is and just change the "always" to "never" go to the file at the top and save yes overwrite the files and done also i have noticed there is a .

ocx i think file out there and you can validate your office with it i think you have to disconnect your internet or use the telephone option something like that but the serial it has you put in is all 1's o yeah if your going to use this second method just click no on the windows update agent if your use it just know that sometimes the update agent likes to run every time you start up your computer or use the internet it's a hog of your resources for a good couple of mins i used the first method and i can download updates and what not but before you use office at all edit the proof look on youtube thats where i found the first method also use the loop back method from one of the windows genuine cracks it just trick windows into thinking that your office version is legit just like it does to make windows think your windows is but that's a whole new topic just use it if your can fine it or i don't know if your can update with the first method"Most important if your let the time run out on your trail the first method wont work sorry if that is the case llok for the .ocx files"
If You Try This And It Work OR Doesn't Work Or You Can Add Something Please Reply

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