Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Things Which Wannabe A Hacker Must Be Knowing!

Things Which Wannabe Hacker Must Be Knowing!

Open Source Software Disadvantages
Open Source software can be downloaded and analysed manually and locally on the attackers’ host. If it is self made it’s harder
to get the source code what really helps on finding a bug to slip trough and get access.

There are so many different bugs in different applications especially in audited Open
Source software that it becomes easier to get into the targeted site.

buffer overflows:
A buffer overflow occurs when a program or process tries to store more data in a buffer (temporary data storage area) than it was intended to hold.

"Shellcode" is the name given to small pieces of assembly language which are used to launch shells, typically as a result of a buffer overflow.

SQL Injection
SQL injection is a technique that exploits a security vulnerability occurring in the database layer of an application.
SQL injection is an attack in which malicious code is inserted into strings that are later passed to an instance of SQL Server for parsing and execution.
It allows attacker to execute database query in url and gain access to some confidential information.

Script kiddie
The lowest form of cracker; script kiddies do mischief with scripts and rootkits written by others, often without understanding the exploit .
script kiddie is someone who tries to get their name known in the underground community by using publicly available exploits/programs that
were made by real hackers

sandbox is used to test applications and make sure they are safe
You can choose any operating system you would like to use.

Chances are you have probably seen those "HACKED BY SAUDI_H4CK3R & DaRkViRuZ"
type of webpages. This is what is called a defacement

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