Friday, December 12, 2008

Basic Hotmail H@cking

So you want to know how to hack into someone's hotmail account? Possibly seen many text files out there telling you to send your email address and password to a "bot" email address with the person's email address you want to hack and you magically get the password from the "bot"? Most of us know that is a scam to get you to send your password to the scammers, which is not what you should do at all.

I'll teach you the very basics of getting access to some ones hotmail address and what I mean basic, means I'm not going to teach you how to use key loggers or packet sniffers or anything of that type. This will be your first step in trying to hack into a hotmail account. What you will need is some intelligence and a web browser. Also this will work with just about any email account that has a forgotten password option, not just hotmail.

Ok first thing is you must know whose email you're going to crack, so you will need their email address which shouldn't be much of a problem as it's usually easy to get a hold of. Go to or go to whomever the victims email provider is and the first step is finding the lost password link. We are looking for the lost password link because 1. We don't know the password and 2. We're pretending to be the person who owns the email account that forgotten his/her email password.

Now there will be a few things that can happen when you click on the "forgot your password?" link, it might say enter your email address that you signed up with, which shouldn't happen because it's an email account. The page might not show up, may be an internal error or not found which shouldn't happen. If you do get an internal error or time out or any other error, just wait a few minutes and try again as it may be just a server glitch. You may get an image verification system to prove that you are a human and all you need to do is type the letters and/or numbers that is being displayed. The most common and the one that we want is the secret question.

The question can be answered easily in some cases, especially if you know the person well enough as the question is usually trivial. Things such as "What is my mothers maiden name?" or something even simpler is something like, "What's my favorite pets name?" could be the question being asked. If you don't know the answer to the question, you can either put in all possible answers you can think of, especially true with the favorite pet name as they will most likely only have a few pets or if it's something difficult that isn't easily guessable such as the mothers maiden name question, you will have to ask.

"Ask? As if anyone will give me the answer to their secret question!" Well of course they won't tell you the answer if you tell them you're trying to hack their email account. This technique is called "Social Engineering" and you can get almost anything through it. Go up to the person or call him/her on the phone or talk over the internet on your favorite instant messenger and get into a normal everyday conversation and then try and slip the question in and most times they will answer without thinking.

When you do that and get the answer you need, just type it in, remember of the spelling too and there you have it instant access with a new or current password.

There are many other ways of gaining access to emails and this is just one and should be the first thing you try before moving on the more advanced techniques.

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