Monday, August 17, 2009

Download Wondershare Streaming Video Recorder

Wondershare Streaming Video Recorder | 8.15 MB

Wondershare Streaming Video Recorder is a wide-ranged streaming video downloader. This streaming Video Recorder can record streaming video, online TV show, online movie, live sport, live report or other popular streaming videos. Then you can save these streaming videos as MP4, 3GP, WMV, AVI, MOV, MPG for your iPhone, iPod, Cell Phone, etc.
Our latest upgrade supports RTMP protocol, sites as Yahoo!TV, Y!Music, etc.

Key Functions:
Download streaming video automatically
Streaming Video Recorder has an ingenious sniffer which can detect and download streaming video and online TV shows automatically. Streaming Video Recorder is also a powerful video converter, which help you convert the recorded files into various media formats you like. The supported video formats are listed as follows:
• Windows media: ASX,ASF,WAX,WMV---
• Flash video: FLV
• Real Video: RAM,RM,SMIL ---
• QuickTime
• MPEG/Others: MP3, MPG, M4V, MP4, AVI ---
Thousands of streaming video sites handy
Streaming Video Recorder supports thousands of streaming video sites, including YouTube, Yahoo, Metacafe, ESPN, etc. It is so easy to download and record streaming video, live stream from those streaming video sites. In our Resouce pages, it also provides more than 1600 popular vides site and free online TV channels for you.
Supported popular streaming media PROTOCOLs:
• Windows media audio and video: HTTP, MMS
• Flash video, Apple video: HTTP, RTMP
• Real video: RTSP
Wide-ranged download history management
Streaming Video Recorder also supports collecting some favorite and popular streaming sites and videos into “My Favorites”. Then you can choose to play, record, rename and delete such files freely so as to create your own streaming video library.
Convert recorded video to MP4, WMV, MOV, M4V
Streaming video recorder embedded with a video converter. After downloading streaming video, you can convert the streaming videos into various regular formats like MP3, MP4, 3GP, WMV, AVI, MOV, MPG, M4V, OGG, APE, VOB, WMA, AAC, AC3 etc, which greatly satisfies your digital players as iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune, Creative Zen, and cell phones.
Fast record speed & high download quality
Streaming Video Recorder is based on the technology of downloading streaming audio and video data into the local disc, after analyzing several protocols, like RTMP, MMS, RTSP, HTTP, once detected real URL of the playing streaming video. So the downloading is high-speed and high efficient.
Streaming Video Recorder has been tested that it can download a 20M FLV video file completely costing only half a minute if your bandwidth is enough. The attached Wondershare Player will prove the download quality, and the recorded files are perfect without any loss.
With such a almighty Streaming Video Recorder, you can download, record, capture streaming video from popular streaming video sites, and download online TV shows from thousands of online TV channels, the built-in converter also enables you to convert the recorded files into various regular formats.

New features about the latest version
• Fixed the problem of incomplete downloading of some videos in RTMP protocol;
• Solved the problem that can’t detect the videos less than 200K;
• Solved the problem that can’t download high-quality videos completely on YouTube;
• Solved the problem that can’t download some videos in MMS protocol.

Download Wondershare Streaming Video Recorder

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Anonymous said...

Web casting, or broadcasting over the internet, is a media file (audio-video mostly) distributed over the internet using streaming media technology. Streaming implies media played as a continuous stream and received real time by the browser (end user). Streaming technology enables a single content source to be distributed to many simultaneous viewers. Streaming video bandwidth is typically calculated in gigabytes of data transferred. It is important to estimate how many viewers you can reach, for example in a live webcast, given your bandwidth constraints or conversely, if you are expecting a certain audience size, what bandwidth resources you need to deploy.

To estimate how many viewers you can reach during a webcast, consider some parlance:
One viewer: 1 click of a video player button at one location logged on
One viewer hour: 1 viewer connected for 1 hour
100 viewer hours: 100 viewers connected for 1 hour…

Typically webcasts will be offered at different bit rates or quality levels corresponding to different user’s internet connection speeds. Bit rate implies the rate at which bits (basic data units) are transferred. It denotes how much data is transmitted in a given amount of time. (bps / Kbps / Mbps…). Quality improves as more bits are used for each second of the playback. Video of 3000 Kbps will look better than one of say 1000Kbps. This is just like quality of a image is represented in resolution, for video (or audio) it is measured by the bit rate.

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