Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Download Symantec Norton Ghost 14 Latest

Norton Ghost 14.0 - This newest version of Norton Ghost automatically backs up and recovers everything on your computer! A very powerful imaging software program that can help you take care of all those bytes, megabytes and gigabytes that are stored in your computer. Taking care of all those bits and bytes isn't an easy task without the help of a program like Ghost.

Too many unexpected things can happen to your computer that would make you wish you had this program. If your hard drive crashed, Ghost would be there to restore your data to a new drive. If the Operating System (Windows) crashed, Ghost can restore it back to a working state in minutes! Ghost can automatically backup and restore all of those bits and bytes on your computer. See our Norton Ghost Tutorials.

Did you ever stop and think what would happen if the hard drive crashed and you lost all your gigabytes of data? Think of all the data you have stored within those bits and bytes. You probably have some music, probably a lot of digital photos, not counting all of the financial or personal documents that may be stored on the drive. What would you lose if you lost millions of bytes of data?

What if the Operating System crashed? You know all the data is still there somewhere but you just wouldn't be able to use it. With Norton Ghost you could restore the image and have those bits and bytes working together again in no time.

Norton Ghost does backups on the fly without restarting your system. It also backs up your data to almost any media including USB and Firewire devices. Ghost also has a wizard that will walk you through the backup and imaging process and will trigger backups after a new software installation or system change. Losing gigabytes of data is no fun, don't wait until it is too late.

Norton Ghost 14.0 offers exclusive remote backup management, industry leading encryption and advanced compression. Norton Ghost 14.0 is an ideal solution for people who want advanced backup and recovery tools to protect their computers and everything on them. Here are some of the new features of Norton Ghost 14.0.

Ghost 14.0 Basic Features

Automatically creates an initial backup schedule based on your computer's configuration.
Automatically detects storage devices, analyzes your system, and offers "best practice" backup advice during installation.
Automatically monitors and optimizes backup disk space.
Triggers backups on key events, like new program installations or user logins.
Creates new backups on demand with One Button "Back Up Now".
Encrypts backups to help keep them secure.
Task-based interface simplifies management and monitoring.
Displays all scheduled backups - plus the degree of backup protection for each drive on your computer - in one convenient view.

Download Symantec Norton Ghost 14 Latest

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Justin on August 5, 2009 at 2:17 AM said...

Impressed with the features.!! Thank you so much for sharing web link to download the Symantec Norton Ghost 14.

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